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Taking It Easier On My Personal Site

I must have poured thousands of hours of effort into WordPress over the years. Add that to thousands spent on themes and plugins, and I figure this personal site is a great opportunity for a change of pace.

As you can see, there are no ads, no featured images, and hardly any plugins. I chose a theme I liked the look of that SiteGround recommended when I installed this instance of WordPress on my hosting and then deleted most of it – although they’ve still got a link in the footer, because why not?

That’s by design. I’m not even really trying to achieve anything with this site. It’s something to refer people to in my bios and somewhere to point to on Twitter when I’m not referring to a specific site. Plus, I love having the Oli at OliMarten email address, so why not add a bit of content?

That’s not to say that this site won’t ever go anywhere. If one of my books makes me a household name, you can bet that I’ll be the first to tweak this site to build an email list and show readers what else I’ve put out there. If, for some reason, my random musings and observations start to attract tens of thousands of visitors each month, I’ll be straight onto my email to talk to Mediavine.

As of right now however, simplicity is bliss. No keyword research. No featured images. No word count to hit. No need to seek out authoritative sources to link out to. No pressure to increase visitor numbers or increase RPMs.

If there’s something I want to write about and there’s nowhere obvious for it to go, well, I’ve always got this blog.

Hey, at least if anyone ever asks me if I truly believe that writing is fun and relaxing, I can point them to this post!

As you’d imagine, WordPress is a lot different now from when I started out. This site is a chance not to use the themes and plugins I always use and to get to grips with the standard editor. Believe it or not, I’d never even tried it before today. I quite like it, and I’m not getting too funky.

In a world of video content and social media, there’s something therapeutic about black text on a white page. Gutenberg would have been proud. Fun fact – it was the anniversary of his creation of his press just a couple of days ago.

And I can’t wait to see how this site performs according to Google’s speed metrics.