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A Failed Social Experiment

I had a few lunchtime drinks on Sunday. Perhaps too many. That prompted me to launch myself i…

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The Sidebar Conundrum

I’m working on a new site today. While I build it, I’m trying to build out the st…

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I’m Still Using Rank Math Pro – Even While Keeping It Simple

In my last post, I celebrated keeping things simple. I’ve got a checklist of about a do…

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Taking It Easier On My Personal Site

I must have poured thousands of hours of effort into WordPress over the years. Add that to th…

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So, I’ve Got a Personal Website

I’ve been building websites for over 20 years, and I have never built one for myself. W…

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Oli Marten Logo

I believe in content

I like words. That takes me in all sorts of different directions. This site is my home base on the internet, but I don’t work on it as much as I should.

Take a look around because I write in all sorts of places, and you’ll find many of the projects I’m most passionate about linked here.

I occasionally work with clients too. Tweet me if you’d like to chat!


What I do

If it’s online and involves content, the chances are I do it.


From articles and books to social posts and business plans, if it’s built on words, I’m probably interested.


I own, co-own and write for a number of different websites and online publishing companies.


I still believe words are the best marketing tool. I might be wrong. I look forward to finding out.


I’m always interested in what’s next, and I typically like to do things a little differently.


I found out I have a lot to write about – check out the latest posts above!